Research in Inorganic Fluorine Chemistry

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Defense Technical Information Center, 1987 - 242 pages
A basic research program was carried out in the area of inorganic fluorine chemistry. Major achievements accomplished during this program include: The first purely chemical synthesis of elemental fluorine was realized. Solid propellant based pure fluorine gas generators were developed. The first examples of Nitrogen Tetra Fluoride Cation salts containing halogen fluoride counterions were prepared and characterized. Also Tetrafluoro Ammonium Hexafluoro Boron was synthesized and characterized. The bond length in NF4(+) was estimated from its General Valence Force Field and was verified by a crystal structure determination Tetrafluoro Ammonium Tetrafluoro Boron. Difluoramine and were prepared, characterized, and their alkali metal fluoride adducts were studied. These adducts were shown to contain F. HNF2 anions. The nature of the association in solid HNF2 was explored. The interaction of difluoramino compounds with Lewis acids was studied. The reaction chemistry of Chromium Penta Fluoride and Chromium Tetrafluoro Oxide was studied and several new compounds were prepared and characterized. The nitrate anion was found to be an excellent and readily available reagent for accomplishing fluorine-oxygen exchange in certain halogen fluorides.

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