Research Methods in Education

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Routledge, 2007 M05 7 - 656 pages

This fully updated sixth edition of the international bestseller Research Methods in Education covers the whole range of methods currently employed by educational research at all stages. It is divided into five main parts: the context of educational research; planning educational research; styles of educational research; strategies for data collection and researching; and data analysis. The book also contains references to a comprehensive dedicated website of accompanying materials.

The sixth edition includes new material on:

  • complexity theory, ethics, sampling and sensitive educational research
  • experimental research, questionnaire design and administration with practical guidance
  • qualitative and quantitative data analysis, with practical examples
  • internet based research.

Research Methods in Education is essential reading for the professional researcher and continues to be the standard text for students and lecturers in educational research.

To access the dedicated website of accompanying materials, please visit:

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List of boxes
The context of educational research
Planning educational research
Planning educational research
Sensitive educational research
Validity and reliability
Styles of educational research
Strategies for data collection and researching
Types of questionnaire items
Personal constructs

Historical and documentary research
Surveys longitudinal crosssectional and trend studies
Internetbased research and computer usage
Case studies
Ex post facto research
Experiments quasiexperiments singlecase research and metaanalysis
Action research
Data analysis
Content analysis and grounded theory
Quantitative data analysis
Multidimensional measurement and factor analysis
Choosing a statistical test

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