Prenuptial: The Paperback

Front Cover
Trafford Publishing, 2000 - 108 pages
Caution! This book contains profanity, and vulgar offensive language! However if your divorce was a long drawn out, or dismantling as the divorce this author has gone through, there is probably not enough room in a million books for the words you would like to use, or enough bad words to say. Divorce can be a nasty burden to bear and sometimes profanity is the only remedy you can use to ease the pain. Violence is NOT the way!
If you are going through a divorce currently, you may start crying, and I'm sorry for that! Please accept my apology. If you are thinking about getting married- you may change your mind and I'm sorry for that, too. You may want to call me and thank me, because divorce, when it's nasty is a lot more bitter than parsley, a lot more distasteful than riding a bike (men) standing up and the chain slips and you land on your manhood. It's more disruptive than highway construction, and hits a lot harder than a gangster's backhand.
Having gone through three divorces-you may say I'm an expert on it, however, who wants to be the champion of broken hearts? And what's even worse, who wants to be the King Of Losing All Your Money, just to have the courts say, you're still going to lose no matter what happens?

CAUTION: This book contains profanity. Let me repeat, this book contains "graphic" profanity that is not meant for those under 18. No let me restate that. It is not meant for those who have not had a bad experience in a love relationship. Who was the group that did the song, LOVE HURTS? I think they meant to sing, LOVE COSTS.
Maybe if I can make you laugh, you won't make the same mistakes I did. I know you may be thinking, it could have been my fault, right? Maybe so. You read the book and let me know.

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About the author (2000)

Lynn Tolliver, jr. who has 8 other books with Trafford, has been writing something, since he was 9. He was born Orrin Lynn Tolliver, jr. in Cleveland, Ohio and has been a radio broadcaster for over 32 years. For additional information on this author, connect to Tolliver dot com on the Internet, or key word, Trafford's search for Tolliver and look at the author information on his other publications.

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